Summer Tour Series 2016

Join the Westcott Center for Architecture + Design as we celebrate Springfield’s distinctive architecture and history with our annual Summer Tour Series.

 The Summer Tour Series, now in its thirteenth year, examines the architecture, design, and history of the built environment in the Greater Springfield Region. The 2016 series totals eighteen tours, including regular and extended walking tours, bicycle tours, site tours, and coach tours. Architects, curators, historians, and local professionals guide each tour. This year’s series starts in early June and runs through the middle of September.

Walking Tours

Walking Tours feature remarkable districts and neighborhoods in the region. Tours last approximately one and a half to two hours. Rain dates are the following day at 1 pm.

The Cedars

Saturday, June 11 at 10 am / Guided by Cindy Catanzaro / Sponsored by Lois and Bob Christel / Mobility 1

Stanley Petticrew developed The Cedars in late 1928 as an upscale subdivision. It was named for its strict use of cedar and other evergreen trees, making the neighborhood a green oasis year round. Petticrew built several speculative pattern book houses before the October 1929 stock market crash stagnated development. Join us as we tour this eclectic northeast neighborhood. Meet at the corner of East McCreight Avenue and Cedarview Drive.

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$10 General / $7 Members


College Hill South

Saturday, June 18 at 10 am / Guided by Robin Inboden / Mobility 2

This late-Victorian neighborhood surrounding Wittenberg University is one of Ohio’s best kept secrets. Springfield’s three great classically-trained architects, Charles A. Cregar, Robert C. Gotwald, and William K. Shilling, all called College Hill home. Join us to discover the fascinating story of this historic north end neighborhood. This tour features the areas south and east of campus. Meet at the corner of West Ward Street and North Wittenberg Avenue.

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$10 General / $7 Members


Antioch Modern +

Saturday, June 25 at 10 am / Guided by Kevin Rose and Scott Sanders / Mobility 3

In 1944, Antioch College hired the celebrated architectural firm of Saarinen & Swanson to envision a modern campus that could meet the demands of increased enrollment following World War II. Over the next decade, amid the backdrop of the Red Scare and McCarthyism, Antioch reshaped its campus into a bastion of avant-garde design. Join us as we examine the modernist landmarks that fill this picturesque campus, including designs by Eero Saarinen and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. Meet outside Antioch’s Olive Kettering Library at 925 Livermore Street in Yellow Springs.

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$15 General / $12 Members


Mansions of Chillicothe Street +

 Saturday, July 16 at 10 am / Guided by Josh Murray / Mobility 2

Like much of the Miami Valley, South Charleston experienced a building boom at the end of the Civil War. Between 1865 and 1885, residents built several stunning Gilded Age homes along the road to Chillicothe, which is also home to the village’s beautiful town hall and opera house. Experience the quaint historic character of this community as we explore the restored buildings on and around Chillicothe Street. Meet outside the Opera House at 35 South Chillicothe Street in South Charleston.

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$15 General / $12 Members


Gilded East High +

Saturday, July 23 at 10 am / Guided by Kevin Rose / Mobility 2

With the success of the Champion Reaper in the late 19th century, Springfield led the nation in the production of farm machinery. These industrialists’ vast and often newly-acquired wealth manifested in opulent Gilded Age mansions along East High Street. Tour with us through this open museum of architecture and enterprise and discover the rich histories of Governor Bushnell, famed publisher W.W. Norton, and more. Meet at the corner of East High and York Streets.

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$15 General / $12 Members


Forest Hills +

 Saturday, August 6 at 10 am / Guided by Alan Ladd and Jake Studebaker / Mobility 3

Edna and Edgar Witten developed Forest Hills in 1951 as a secluded country suburb on the historic Snyder property. They partnered with realtor William A. Beakes, who marketed the area as Springfield’s most outstanding new development, complete with large forest trees and scenic winding roads. Join us as we tour this enclave of stylish modern homes. This tour features Forest Hills’ southern-most section. Meet outside 181 Oakridge Drive.

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$15 General / $12 Members


Ferncliff Cemetery

Saturday, August 13 at 10 am / Guided by Ski Schanher / Mobility 3

Ferncliff Cemetery, covering over 240 acres of rolling hills and pastoral landscape, was platted during the Civil War as Springfield’s new rural cemetery. Its many mausoleums and memorials, including those of leading citizens and industrialists, are replete with religious symbolism and imagery. Join Ferncliff historian Ski Schanher on a tour of this hallowed ground, as he interprets Springfield’s rich history preserved in stone. Meet at the Ferncliff Cemetery Chapel, 501 West McCreight Avenue.

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$10 General / $7 Members


The Broadmoors

Saturday, August 27 at 10 am / Guided by Cindy Catanzaro and John Blazer / Mobility 1

In 1923, the James-Bauer Realty Company platted Broadmoor as direct competition to the rapidly growing Ridgewood neighborhood. They engaged Cleveland landscape architect Louis Brandt to develop the plan, which called for 107 lots facing one of two boulevards. Join us as we stroll the area just off Fountain Boulevard, where many families constructed well-designed English style homes within the first few years of neighborhood’s development. Meet at the intersection of North Broadmoor and South Broadmoor Boulevards.

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$10 General / $7 Members


The Woods

Saturday, September 10 at 10 am / Guided by Elaine Morris Roberts / Mobility 2

In 1919, following the success of the original Ridgewood subdivision, Harry Kissell platted and developed “The Woods” behind the Pythian Home. With its winding streets and majestic old-growth trees, this new section, which locals call Brighton Woods, was Springfield’s residential place de luxe. Join us as we stroll past the grand homes in this scenic north-end neighborhood. Meet at the corner of North Fountain Boulevard and Sunnyside Place.

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$10 General / $7 Members


Happy Hour Tours

Happy Hour Tours are forty-five to sixty-minute walking tours of downtown, followed by a beer, glass of wine, or soda at a downtown restaurant. Rain dates are the following Wednesday at 6 pm.

Civic District

Wednesday, June 15 at 6 pm / Guided by Dick Flickinger / Mobility 1

Springfield’s Civic District, a six-block area originally surrounding the city’s central green, has always been a hub of civic activity. It also features amazing architecture from nationally known firms. Join us as we tour some of Springfield’s most impressive designs from the 1920s and 1930s, including Schultze and Weaver’s News-Sun Building, William K. Shilling’s U.S. Post Office, and George Savage’s Covenant Presbyterian Church. Meet outside 1 South Limestone Street.

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$12, which includes one drink at Seasons Bistro and Grille


Beat the Block

Wednesday, July 6 at 6 pm / Guided by Dick Hatfield / Mobility 1

In the 1950s and 1960s, locals Beat the Block, shopping their way around the downtown core at places like the Harvard Store, Woolworth’s, and Wren’s. While much of the fabric of this vibrant urban landscape has been lost, memories of this transcendent period remain. Join Springfield personality Dick Hatfield as he shares captivating and surprising stories of downtown from the mid-century. Meet in the Esplanade at the corner of High and Fountain.

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$12, which includes one drink at Mela Urban Bistro


Downtown Victorian

Wednesday, August 10 at 6 pm / Guided by Kevin Rose / Mobility 1

At the end of the 19th century, local leaders understood that great architecture was part of their civic duty. With downtown as their canvas, architects painted a streetscape that exemplified Springfield’s past achievements and future aspirations, including Warder Library (1890), City Building and Market (1890), and Bushnell Building (1893). Tour through Springfield’s Golden Age of architecture. Meet outside the Heritage Center, 117 South Fountain Avenue.

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$12, which includes one drink at Mela Urban Bistro


Downtown Modern

Wednesday, August 24 at 6 pm / Guided by Suzanne Cavazos / Mobility 1

In the 1960s and 1970s, a new vision for a vibrant downtown materialized through a series of structures that remain today as an enduring imprint of the modern era in Springfield. Join us as we examine the buildings that redefined the downtown experience, from the elegant minimalism of SOM’s Credit Life Tower to the sleek expressionism of Alfred Shaw’s Key Bank Building. Meet outside 1 South Limestone Street.

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$12, which includes one drink at Seasons Bistro and Grille


Coach Tours

Our new Coach Tours offer an in-depth examination of architecture and history topics in and around the Greater Springfield Region. They run approximately two and a half hours. They utilize a 30-passenger coach, so advance ticket purchase is required. As tours are mostly interior, no rain dates are required.

The Genius of Charles A. Cregar

Saturday, September 3 at 9:30 am / Guided by Kevin Rose / Mobility 2

Prolific local architect Charles Cregar left an indelible imprint on Springfield before his untimely death in 1896 at age thirty-eight. Numerous landmarks dot the city landscape, including the City Building and Market (now Heritage Center), St. Raphael’s Catholic Church, and Third Presbyterian. Join us on this coach tour as we explore the amazing designs of Springfield’s preeminent Victorian architect. Meet outside the Westcott House, 1340 East High Street. Limited to 30 people. Advance ticket purchase required.

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$30 General / $25 Members


Bicycle Tours

Bicycle Tours run approximately two hours and cover four to six miles at a leisurely pace. Tours utilize bicycle paths and side streets whenever possible. Bicycle required. Helmets are strongly encouraged. Rain dates are the following day at 1 pm.

The Architecture of William K. Shilling

Saturday, July 9 at 10 am / Guided by Kevin Rose / Mobility 3

William K. Shilling got his start in the office of famed Chicago architect Louis Sullivan, where he briefly worked alongside a young Frank Lloyd Wright. After returning to Ohio, Shilling found himself in Springfield supervising a project for Mansfield-architect Vernon Redding. Here Shilling fell in love with a recent Wittenberg graduate, which caused him to relocate and establish his own practice. Join us on this bicycle tour as we explore several buildings from Shilling’s remarkable career, including the Ferncliff Cemetery Administration Building (1931) and the United States Post Office (1934). Meet at the corner of North Fountain Avenue and Warder Street on your bicycle.

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$10 General / $7 Members


Quirky Springfield

 Saturday, July 30 at 10 am / Guided by Doug Bisher / Mobility 3

While every town has an attraction that can be described as quirky, Springfield has many. Join us on this out-ofthe- ordinary bicycle tour as we discover Springfield’s unique assets and unusual stories. From roadside attractions like Ben Hartman’s Historical Rock Garden to the mystery of buried gold at Snyder Park, we will visit the interesting and intriguing gems that make Springfield a one-of-a-kind town. Meet at the Hartman Rock Garden, 1905 Russell Drive, on your bicycle.

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$10 General / $7 Members


Site Tours

Site Tours offer the experience of a guided tour through special, limited-access community landmarks. Tours last forty- five minutes to an hour. Rain dates are the following Wednesday at 6 pm.

Weaver Chapel

Wednesday, June 8 at 6 pm / Guided by Kevin Rose / Mobility 2

The design for Wittenberg’s Weaver Chapel sits at the crosscurrents of two competing concepts – modern and traditional – which is merged harmoniously under one roof. Designed and built between 1951 and 1956, the building was the vision of Philadelphia architect T. Norman Mansell, who was mostly unknown nationally prior to this project. Join us as we explore this remarkable chapel, which was recently declared one of the most beautiful college cathedrals in the world. Meet at the corner of West Ward Street and Woodlawn Avenue, which is a short walk from the chapel.

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$10 General / $7 Members


St. Paul M.E. Church

Wednesday, July 27 at 6 pm / Guided by Kevin Rose / Mobility 2

St. Paul Methodist Episcopal Church is one of the few remaining buildings known to have been designed by Franklin H. Penfield, Springfield’s first resident architect. Penfield designed the church in the Victorian Gothic style between 1880 and 1881, replete with colorful stained glass windows and carved stone detailing. Join us as we explore the interior of this once-abandoned church, which is being lovingly repurposed by David Garrett and a group of committed citizens. Meet outside the Church at 123 South Yellow Springs Street.

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$10 General / $7 Members



Tours and programs of the CA+D are developed for a broad audience, including those with disabilities and decreased mobility. Tours move at a leisurely pace with brief periods of standing at tour stops. If entering a building or house, some stairs or inclines may be possible. Please call or email for details regarding a specific tour.

Mobility Level 1

Up to 6 blocks walking, mostly flat terrain, paved, stairs not likely. Wheelchair accessible.

Mobility Level 2

May be more than 6 blocks walking, some hills, mostly paved, some stairs possible. Please call or email about wheelchair accessibility.

Mobility Level 3

Considerable walking, various terrains, unpaved areas. All bicycle tours. Please call or email about wheelchair accessibility.

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