Summer Tour Series 2015

Join the Westcott Center for Architecture + Design as we celebrate Springfield’s distinctive architecture and history with our annual Summer Tour Series.

The series includes walking, bicycle and happy hour tours. Architects, curators, historians, and local professionals guide each tour. The series starts Memorial Day Weekend and runs through early September. Ticket prices are listed with each tour. Westcott members receive discounts to most tours. Tickets are available online and at the Westcott House Museum Store, 85 South Greenmount Street. Please be advised that many tours sell out. Advance ticket purchase is strongly recommended.

Walking Tours

Ferncliff Cemetery

Saturday, May 23 at 10 am (guided by Ski Schanher) / Mobility 3

$10 General / $7 Members

Sponsored by Charlie Swaney

Ferncliff Cemetery, covering over 240 acres of rolling hills and pastoral landscape, was platted during the Civil War as Springfield’s new burial ground. Join us to hear the stories of the men and women who built Springfield and discover its history preserved in stone. Our Ferncliff Cemetery Walking Tour has been a Memorial Day Weekend tradition since 2006. Meet at the Ferncliff Cemetery Chapel, 501 West McCreight Avenue.


Wittenberg University

Saturday, May 30 at 10 am (guided by Tom Taylor) / Mobility 3

$10 General / $7 Members

Sponsored by Mark Grimes

Founded in 1845 as an Americanist Lutheran College, Wittenberg has been a cornerstone of the Springfield community for over 170 years. It is also home to some of Springfield’s best buildings, including Myers Hall, Recitation Hall, and Zimmerman Library. Join us as we explore this institution’s remarkable history and distinctive architecture while meandering through acres of rolling, wooded landscape. Meet at the corner of West Ward Street and North Wittenberg Avenue.


Westchester Park +

Saturday, June 6 at 10 am (guided by Vicki Rulli and Tom Heaphey) / Mobility 2

$15 General / $12 Members

Sponsored by Esther Manuel

Dick Link and Andrew Hellmuth, then up-and-coming local developers, platted Westchester Park in 1953. Its rolling hills and strong deed restrictions made it an ideal neighborhood for the architect-designed modern home. Join us as we examine some of the best local works from the mid-century, including houses by Phil Snyder, Jack Kline and two show-homes by Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Meet outside Highlands Church at 1910 St. Paris Pike.


Hills and Dales by Mail

Saturday, June 13 at 10 am (guided by Cindy Catanzaro) / Mobility 1

$10 General / $7 Members

Sponsored by Richard and Joyce Spangler

Between 1908 and 1940, many Springfielders ordered their homes through mail order catalogs from companies like Montgomery Ward and Sears, Roebuck & Company. Join us as we explore the southern part of the Hills and Dales neighborhood, which boasts a collection of Sears kit houses, as well as competing styles from popular pattern books of the 1920s and 1930s. Meet at the corner of St. Paris Road and Snowhill Boulevard.


Elmwood Place

Saturday, June 20 at 10 am (guided by Jim Nash) / Mobility 1

$10 General / $7 Members

Sponsored by Larry Coressel and Liz Nelson

Elmwood Place, developed at the turn of the twentieth century by the Brain McGregor Real Estate Company, was once Springfield’s most fashionable address. As such, it contains some of the region’s best homes from the period. Join us as we stroll along this neighborhood’s majestic streets, including tree-lined Arlington Avenue, and experience the tranquil setting of this idyllic suburban neighborhood. Meet at the corner of South Arlington Avenue and East High Street.


The Hill

Saturday, June 27 at 10 am (guided by Kevin Rose) / Mobility 2

$10 General / $7 Members

Sponsored by Lois and Bob Christel

From the early 1850s to the end of the Civil War, the Hill was one of Springfield’s most affluent neighborhoods. This changed, however, with the arrival of Champion Machine Company in 1868. Join us as we explore the Hill’s early mansions, later working class housing, and the factories that precipitated the transformation. This tour will also pass the birthplace and childhood home of silent-film actress Lillian Gish. Meet at the corner of Linden and Monroe.


Progressive East High +

Saturday, July 18 at 10 am (guided by Kevin Rose) / Mobility 1

$15 General / $12 Members

Sponsored by Ski and Cheryl Schanher

The Progressive Era ushered in a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs, whose spirit of innovation and civic responsibility contributed to Springfield’s growth and national prestige. Join us as we examine their grand East High Street homes, including the Westcott House and Crowell Mansion, which stand today as a tangible reminder of their amazing success. Meet outside of the Westcott House, 1340 East High Street.


Hills and Dales

Saturday, August 8 at 10 am (guided by Rita Lane) / Mobility 2                

$10 General / $7 Members

Sponsored by Paul and Cindy Valente

Columbus real estate developers Theodore Weyant and P.J. Guthrie developed Springfield’s bucolic Hills and Dales neighborhood in 1915. Its scenic northern section, where charming streets meander through old growth forest, was a direct competitor to Harry Kissell’s neighboring Ridgewood. Join us as we explore this neighborhood’s picturesque wooded landscape and handsome homes. Meet at the corner of St. Paris Road and West Harding Road.


Historic South Fountain

Saturday, August 15 at 10 am (guided by Jeff Smith and Richele Shepard) / Mobility 2

$10 General / $7 Members

Sponsored by Basil and Claudia Fett

Prominent Americans like Oliver S. Kelly, William N. Whitely, and Harry S. Kissell are just part of South Fountain’s storied past. With their success, and that of their neighbors, South Fountain came to be recognized as a premier neighborhood for Springfield’s affluent class. Today it is home to a new generation of community leaders. Join us to experience the renaissance of this National Register Historic District. Meet outside First Baptist Church at 638 South Fountain Avenue.


Antioch Modern +

Saturday, August 29 at 10 am (guided by Kevin Rose and Scott Sanders) / Mobility 3

$15 General / $12 Members

Sponsored by Kevin Rose and Marta Wojcik

In 1944, Antioch College hired the celebrated architectural firm of Saarinen & Swanson to envision a modern campus that could meet the demands of increased enrollment following World War II. Over the next decade, amid the backdrop of the Red Scare and McCarthyism, Antioch reshaped its campus into a bastion of avant-garde design. Join us as we examine the modernist landmarks that fill this picturesque campus, including designs by Eero Saarinen and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.


Bicycle Tours

Mid-Century Modern North

Saturday, July 11 at 10 am  (guided by Vicki Rulli and Tom Heaphey) / Mobility 3

$10 General / $7 Members

Sponsored by Alan Ladd and Jake Studebaker

Modernism is not the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Springfield’s north end, yet these historic neighborhoods contain a diverse and impressive collection of mid-century modern design. Join us on this bicycle tour as we examine pre-war International Style houses by Max Mercer, sleek Contemporaries by Jack Kline, all-metal Lustron homes, and a Usonian gem by Roger Montgomery. Meet at the corner of North Fountain Boulevard and Sunnyside Place on your bicycle.


Westcott and the Progressive Era

Saturday, August 22 at 10 am  (guided by Doug Bisher) / Mobility 3

$10 General / $7 Members

Sponsored by Gene and Mary Lynn Barnett

The Westcotts moved to Springfield in 1903 during a period of social and aesthetic reform known as the Progressive Era. Join us on this bicycle tour as we explore the world of Burton and Orpha Westcott from 1903 to the mid-1920s, including associated houses and factories, architecture influenced by the Prairie School, and the City Beautiful park concepts envisioned for Greenmount Cemetery. Meet outside the Westcott House, 1340 East High Street, on your bicycle.


Happy Hour Tours

Downtown Victorian

Wednesday, June 10 at 6 pm (guided by Kevin Rose) / Mobility 1

$12, which includes one drink at Seasons Bistro and Grille

Sponsored by Pete and Sandy Hackett

At the end of the 19th century, local leaders understood that great architecture was part of their civic duty. With downtown as their canvas, architects painted a streetscape that exemplified Springfield’s past achievements and future aspirations, including Warder Library (1890), City Building and Market (1890), and Bushnell Building (1893). Tour through Springfield’s Golden Age of architecture. Meet outside the Heritage Center, 117 South Fountain Avenue.


Early South End

Wednesday, July 22 at 6 pm (guided by Kevin Rose) / Mobility 2

$12, which includes one drink at Mela Urban Bistro

Sponsored by Suzy Turner

The urban fabric of Springfield’s Early South End has changed dramatically over the past 150 years. Although the effects of urban renewal ravaged this once grand residential district, several historic architectural relics survived the wrecking ball. Join us as we examine the incredible early-Victorian mansions just south of downtown. Meet in the rotunda of the Clark County Public Library, 201 South Fountain Avenue.


Downtown West

Wednesday, August 12 at 6 pm (guided by Laurie Stanton) / Mobility 1

$12, which includes one drink at Buckeye Sports Lodge

Sponsored by Richele Shepard and Jeff Smith

As Springfield continues to redevelop downtown’s west end, civic-minded citizens are re-examining the historic structures that have outlived urban renewal. With big projects in the works, there is renewed focus on several regional landmarks, including Crowell-Collier, the Masonic Temple, and the former Elks Building. Join us as we explore Downtown West’s historic past and hopeful future. Meet outside the Masonic Temple, 125 West High Street.


Downtown Modern Art

Wednesday, August 26 at 6 pm (guided by Kevin Rose) / Mobility 1

$12, which includes one drink at Seasons Bistro and Grille

Sponsored by Ross McGregor and Cathy Crompton

Public Art was a vital component of the Core Renewal Campaign of the 1970s. Demolition of familiar buildings in the downtown core paved the way for sleek modern architecture, minimalist landscapes, and daring public art. This tour will explore several works of art, including David Black’s Flipover and Ronald Bladen’s controversial sculpture Oracle’s Vision. Meet in the small park at the corner of South Limestone and East High Streets.


Site Tours

Mast Mansion

Wednesday, July 1 at 6 pm (guided by Kevin Rose) / Mobility 2

$10 General / $7 Members

Sponsored by John and Jill Landess

Local architects Lon Krider and Charles Cregar designed the Mast Mansion, popularly known as Castle Knoll, for Phineas and Anna Mast in 1882. This masterpiece of the Aesthetic Movement, built with locally quarried limestone and over eighteen varieties of wood, took three years to construct. Join us we explore the interior and exterior of one of Ohio’s great Victorian castles. Meet at the Mast Mansion, 901 West High Street.




Tours and programs of the CA+D are developed for a broad audience, including those with disabilities and decreased mobility. Tours move at a leisurely pace with brief periods of standing at tour stops. If entering a building or house, some stairs or inclines may be possible. Please call or email for details regarding a specific tour.

Mobility Level 1

Up to 6 blocks walking, mostly flat terrain, paved, stairs not likely. Wheelchair accessible.

Mobility Level 2

May be more than 6 blocks walking, some hills, mostly paved, some stairs possible. Please call or email about wheelchair accessibility.

Mobility Level 3

Considerable walking, various terrains, unpaved areas. All bicycle tours. Please call or email about wheelchair accessibility.

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